KarChing Driver Education App

The Premier Mobile App that helps young drivers log hours with ease.
The KarChing Driver Ed app is currently available as a FREE download on both iOS and Android but make sure to check if your Driver Ed school is listed HERE before downloading the app.

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The KarChing Drivers Education App is a simple streamlined system, that helps parents, students and instructors seamlessly record required driving hours, as mandated by respective state DMV’s. Both parties (supervisor/student) must have the app installed on their phone and present in the vehicle together.

Upon acceleration, the app automatically starts recording the date, time and duration of the drive all while utilizing a virtual map – without having to be activated. After the completed drive, a telematics score is produced reflecting the driver’s behavior patterns based on phone use, hard breaking, speeding, sharp turns, and acceleration.

The driving log, showing progress toward the required total hours, is shown in a simple display in the app at all times. It is also easily exported as a PDF file or viewable in the KarChing website portal. Upon completing the required hours, the log will be ready to print for parental sign-off within your respective state’s DMV.

Below is an example of how Karching works.


1. Download the app on iTunes or Google play Store
2. Open app and install
3. Register via a Gmail email account for verification (a Gmail account is temporarily required)
4. Check ¨Location Services *Allow All the Time¨ or ¨Always Allow¨. We do NOT use or sell your location data, and fully respect privacy and data concerns.
5. Drive safely and watch your required hours add up while a supervisor or instructor is in the vehicle!!