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KarChing Earnings
  • Drivers and parents download the KarChing app.
  • Drivers use the KarChing map/app while driving: Drivers monitor their driving scores while staying off their phones. Scores are tracked for each “trip”, and at the end of the day KarChing creates a daily score, weekly and monthly.  Then they “cash-in” for being safe drivers. For example:  The drivers’ speed of acceleration, hard braking and cornering speed does affect their telematics insurance score, but the gauge of how much or little they touch their keyboards is the main driver of the “KarChing hybrid driving safety score.”  This is what determines how much of their “jackpot” allowance is released monthly, Bi-weekly or every weekend. 
  • Parents can use the KarChing app to get peace of mind by getting their teens driving patterns and habits; as well as and reward them for being safe drivers.
  • Insurance companies gain meaningful driver habits and reduced accident rates.
  • Society benefits from an overall safer, less distracted young driving force.
  • The KarChing platform also offers socially-networked goal setting, success-sharing and gamification and allows drivers to share their achieved goals.