Are my results being scored?

Your driving behavior is being recorded and scored, but at this stage, the results don’t matter very much. When you get a license, you’ll have the opportunity to switch to the main KarChing app, which will judge your performance and distribute your allowance accordingly.

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What is the app watching?

Your speed. The app uses your phone’s location services. That means it knows what road you’re on. That means it knows the speed limit on the road you’re on. And since it keeps track of where you are and when, that means it knows how fast you’re going. (Statistically speaking, under normal road conditions, the optimal speed

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What can the app do?

Aside from making it easier to log all your practice drives, it’ll list the drives on your phone. If you click on a drive, you’ll see a map. Places on the map where you stomped the brakes too hard or whipped the wheel around to fast….or did anything else to make the accelerometer wake up

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What are the functionalities of the app?

The two apps will both record the drive. Details such as whether this is a daytime or night drive will be automatically recorded. The drives will have starting and stopping times and places recorded. The drives will be matched by the KarChing system and will be recorded as a “supervised drive” when they match together.

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How does it work?

When you and your supervisor and your 2 phones start a trip, the app will automatically start recording data as soon as you’re moving fast enough to be driving. You can leave your phone in your pocket or purse or anywhere in the car. As long as the KarChing DE app is running in the

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How do I install the app?

If you have an Android device, go to the Google Play Store and search for “karching”. If you have an iOS (Apple) device, go to the App Store and search for “karching”. You can install the KarChing Driver Education app just as you would install any other app. No tricks, no complexity.

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